About Akuru

Akuru is a free to use soft keyboard application for Android. It allows you to type in Sinhalese, Tamil, and English. Akuru includes both Wijesekara and Phonetic layouts for Sinhalese. With Akuru you can type using your voice(Sinhalese, Tamil, and English)! Also, It has a powerful prediction engine. Akuru comes with a large amount of emojis and symbols. Also, you can insert animated GIF files using Akuru. Those features will probably make your career much easy.

Sinhala input method

Akuru supports both Wijesekara and Phonetic input methods. You can choose your preferred method in-app Settings.

Voice typing

Akuru integrates voice typing with Sinhalese, Tamil, and English. You can start speaking after tapping the mic icon once. This feature powered by Google's voice recognition. For information about privacy, please refer to the Privacy policy.

Power saving mode

When you want to save your battery energy, Akuru will save your battery by stopping battery consuming services like Vibrations, Sounds, Images, Voice typing, GIFs, and Light color themes.
If you have enabled automatic power-saving mode, This feature will turn on when your battery is getting lower than the defined level. Otherwise, you can turn it on anytime.

Incognito mode

Akuru learns the words you enter for word suggestion and prediction purposes. If you don't want Akuru to learn words, Turn on Incognito mode.